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Foresight training for community organisations

Good news! Foresight is working with Community Matters to deliver future planning training for community and grassroots organisations working at a local level on 9th and 22th this month.

If you're concerned that the organisation you work for, or volunteer with, isn't planning enough for its long term future, then this is the training for you.

Find out more about our training, and how to book here.




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From Paper to Pixels

This is a guest blog post by Karen Martin, who also blogs for bookleteer. You can connect on our site with Giles Lane, director of Proboscis who developed the bookleeter app.

Kathryn, manager of this website, invited me to write about the current shift in publishing from paper books to eReaders. I’m going to suggest there are three ways of interacting with books and that the shift from paper to pixels has implications for each of them.

  1. Making:What is the effect on authors, designers and publishe...

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Collaborative consumption: the future?

I’ve been incubating this blog post idea for a good while now, ever since hearing about land sharing. NESTAs collaborative consumption event has prompted it to finally take shape on your screens.

The “current socio-economic zeitgeist”

The key speaker at the event was Rachel Botsman who authored "What's mine is yours".

Although an early start to the day, it was a great start. Why? Not just the enthusiasm and passion of the speakers but the focus of the event.

Did you know 80% of what we own is ...

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Interning and the voluntary sector – a fair deal for employee and employer?

The current state of the economy has led many to the door of the local job centre, but one group in particular has felt the harsh effects of recession. With graduate unemployment currently standing at 14% (Hepi Report 2010), many graduates are realising that a good degree is not enough to get them on the career ladder. So they’re turning to internships to get their foot in the door.

Scrutinising your CV as another job rejection letter comes through the door you realise that maybe it’s going to ...

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Lessons from foresight initiatives

This morning I was at a meeting of a ‘launch and review group’ for a Youth Foresight Unit being set up by Catch22. Rosie Chadwick, Catch22’s Director of National Programmes, asked me to introduce a discussion about ‘Pitfalls to avoid and ingredients of success’ by reflecting on lessons from our own foresight work. After consulting present and ex-colleagues, this is what we came up with.

Foresight and strategy

  • Consider from the start how the work will feed into strategic planning and get ...

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An exciting new foresight unit is born

I spent a sunny morning today at a meeting of a ‘launch and review group’ for a Youth Foresight Unit being set up by Catch22. The meeting brought together Catch22 staff with some futurists, some policy stakeholders and the funder of the Unit, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (also a previous funder of our work).

One of the last things I did before going on maternity leave a year ago was talk to Rosie Chadwick, Catch22’s Director of National Programmes, about her dream for a Youth Foresight ...

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What might the spending review mean for you?

We've brought you the top lines and pointers on how to ride the wave of the comprehensive spending review.

Some headlines

Responses from the sector

What this means for you

Other support to help you through

Spending Review

20 October 2010

Among the details announced were:

  • £470m over the next four years will go towards building the voluntary sector's capacity so that it can deliver the government's Big Society agenda. This will provide 5,000 new community organisers, and a pilot for the National Citizen S...

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Challenging times ahead for your membership organisation?

This month, the RSA is planning to address some of the key issues facing membership organisations at a free keynote speech event:

The Big Society: Challenges and opportunities for membership organisations

Tuesday, October 26, from 6- 7:15pm, RSA - book now

As one of the outputs from NCVO Third Sector Foresight and the RSA's Future of Membership project, this event will capitalise on the expert knowledge built up through the original research into membership organisations undertaken over the past ye...

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The Big Society: localism and a sustainability perspective part 2

This is part 2 of Chris Church's discussion paper (read the first half here).

Transparent and fair decision-making


The Big Society talks of

Making local decisions a normal part of everyday life, giving people more say, choice and ownership of their local facilities and services. 

Some people will want this, but equally others with busy lives may simply want services that work and deliver.

If this programme is to deliver fairness and environmental quality, and ensure that local action plays its par...

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The Big Society: localism and a sustainability perspective

This is a guest post from Chris Church, Director of Community Environment Associates (CEA) and Chair of the UK Low Carbon Communities Network.

It is the first half of his paper (reproduced here with his kind permission), so grab yourself a cuppa before you settle in to read. And then have a look at the concluding part of his paper.


‘Think Global, Act Local’ has been a core tenet of much environmental thinking for four decades. With that in mind new moves to localism and more community ...

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