There are lots of sources of advice on strategy for voluntary and community organisations in England.

Advice usually involves some form of dialogue and some analysis of a problem, followed by suggested options or ideas for action. Advice might be given over the phone, by email or face-to-face and is usually tailored to the organisation’s needs, to some extent. It could be free or there may be a charge.

To find advice on strategy, search the NCVO Support Finder.

Advice from local infrastructure organisation

Your local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) may be able to provide advice on strategy or signpost you to other advice services available in your area.

Advice from specialist umbrella bodies

Some umbrella bodies supporting particular types of organisation offer advice on strategy. To discover whether there is a specialist infrastructure body for your sub-sector, take a look at the Umbrellas Directory.

Advice from consultants

There are hundreds of consultants offering advice on strategy to voluntary organisations across England. Deciding whether to use their services or how to choose the right person to work with can be tricky. NCVO’s Good Guide to Working with Consultants provides useful hints on making the most of this type of support.

NCVO’s Consultancy team consists of skilled and experienced NCVO staff who can help with strategic thinking and planning, and a range of other areas.

The NCVO Directory of Approved Consultants lists over 230 individuals and organisations, many of whom offer support on strategy development.

Looking for other types of support?

Other types of support include information, training and peer networking.

Tools for strategic planning

We’ve also put together some information about toolsfor strategic planning which you might find useful.

Want to help others with strategy?

If you work for an infrastructure or umbrella organisation, find out how you could develop strategy support services for your own network.

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