Here are some key sources of information on strategy for voluntary and community organisations including books, magazines, websites and e-newsletters.

NCVO’s strategy publications

Tools for Tomorrow: a practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations

Thinking Ahead: an introduction to strategic planning

Adventures in Strategy: five think pieces addressing some of the main strategic choices facing voluntary and community organisations

Achieve More magazine, issues 2 and 8: introductions to strategic thinking and planning

NCVO Third Sector Foresight also has a range of resources to help you analyse the world around you and use the information to your advantage. Take a look at our other publications.

Other strategy publications

Breakthrough Thinking for Non-profit Organisations (B Ross and C Segal: Jossey Bass, 2002): introduces different ways of thinking about strategy, change, creativity and innovation

The Complete Guide to Business and Strategic Planning (A Lawrie: DSC, 2001): offers practical tips and frameworks

Strategic Management for Voluntary Non-profit Organizations (R Courtney: Routledge, 2002): a mix of theory and practice with case studies


This site specialises in strategic analysis, helping your organisation to identify key trends and respond to them effectively.

The NCVO website contains information and guidance to help organisations make the link between strategic planning and creating the right sort of impact.

KnowHow NonProfit, a website from the Centre for Charity Effectiveness has a section on strategy.


The Third Sector Foresight bulletin provides a monthly summary of current and likely external trends, along with updates on the team’s services.

The NCVO Strategy and Impact bulletin brings you every two months the latest ideas and practice from across the sector on these topic areas.

Other leads

Your local Council for Voluntary Services or specialist umbrella body may also be able to recommend sources of information or advice on the topic.

Looking for other types of support?

Other types of support include advice, training and peer networking.

Tools for strategic planning

We’ve put together some information on various toolsforstrategic planning which you might find useful.

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How will this affect your organisation? Have you considered it during your strategic planning? Can you share any interesting relevant links?

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