Once you have agreed your strategy, you need to tell people about it. A strategy is usually set down in a strategic plan but you will probably want to choose different ways to present your plan to your various audiences.

Your strategic plan

There is no hard and fast rule about what a strategic plan should look like but it will usually contain:

  • A clear statement of the organisation's vision and mission and the specific changes or outcomes it wants to deliver
  • A summary of its performance so far and reasons for this
  • An analysis of potential opportunities and challenges in the future
  • Priorities and aims for the coming years
  • Plans for how the whole organisation will change to deliver these priorities
  • An outline of how the organisation will track the progress of this strategy, including milestones and indicators of success.

Here is a strategic plan checklist developed by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School.

Your plan doesn’t necessarily have to be all written down in one document. It could work just as well as a collection of short summary documents with a few illustrative diagrams, for example. And you might want to consider a range of formats for different audiences, from posters and fliers, to presentations and one-to-one conversations.

Consider your audiences

To ensure your message about your new strategy gets across effectively, make sure you match the right format with the right level of detail and emphasis for each audience's needs. Remember to ask yourself how you want each audience to use the information you give them. And crucially, don’t forget your internal audiences – every member of staff and volunteer.

What next?

Once everyone in your organisation knows about the strategy and understands it, you can start to implement your new strategy across your teams.

What are your experiences of strategic planning? Share your triumphs and tribulations with our network members or write your own tips by commenting on this page.

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