Other player analysis

Other player analysis, also known as market share or other competitor analysis, is an assessment of how well an organisation is doing in relation to other operators in the same field.

Usually, the analysis involves looking at several different elements of each organisation in the field (including your own), such as turnover, services offered and number of users, and reviewing each organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas, as well as their strategies. This process of comparison is also known as benchmarking.

Information for the comparisons can be drawn from personal visits, talking to service users, the internet, advertisements, literature, presentations and exhibition stands.


This tool helps you to understand the market you are operating in and your position in it. It can also help the organisation to make informed choices about building relationships with partners or potential partners, and how to contend with competitors. Comparing your performance with others can generate new ideas and insights.


To make the most of the tool, don’t forget to analyse the information you gather and use your findings to inform your decisions.

When to use it

Use this tool to help build a picture of your external environment.

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More information about other player analysis is included in our guide Tools for Tomorrow. Read more about benchmarking your organisation with others, or using the technique to compare different elements of your own work.

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